The hurrier I go, the behinder I get

Does anyone else feel that they don’t have time for Christmas?  I have enough trouble keeping up without a major holiday being thrown in the mix.  Not that I don’t have the Christmas spirit, not at all. The recent cold snap actually put me in the mood.  I just wish that I had some elves to help with the decorations, present buying/wrapping/mailing, and food.  Someone give me an elf for Christmas?

Fortunately, in Christmases past I had time for making ornaments and Christmas toys, and as I decorated the tree, I enjoyed seeing old ones, and putting the new Argyle ornaments on the tree for the first time.

Snowmen Christmas treeChristmas treephoto 3(2)photo 2(2)felted sheepphoto 4


  1. Gwen

    Beautiful tree and ornaments. Enjoy the moments, remember the reason and everything will come out as planned.

  2. annetarsia

    Plans? Who has time to plan? But yes, Gwen, you are right. Cherishing the moments is the key to pretty much everything.

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