New Years Resolutions

For the start of the New Year, I did some cleaning and organizing.  I separated yarn stashes (yes, plural, but don’t judge), class samples, and samples from “Annetarsia Knits”.  Weaving tools and yarns have their own space, now, and then I tackled some spaces that I haven’t checked in awhile.  That uncovered some treasures!  I don’t generally have UFO’s, because I generally knit steadily and finish projects pretty fast.  To my chagrin I found TWO unfinished objects, and getting them done will be a priority for the New Year.

In one trunk, I found a partially knit shawl which I had completely forgotten about.  Fortunately the pattern for Galina Khmeleva’s “Orenburg Triangular Shawl” was in with the knitting.  I vaguely remember knitting this, but it was years ago.  The pattern was published in Piecework magazine Sept/Oct 2002, and my guess is that is when I started working on it.  This intricate lace is quite out of my wheelhouse these days, and I seriously thought about just letting this one go.  But I think most of the tricky part is done, and I just need to finish one middle section and then fill in the rest of the shawl.  So, I am going to see if I can find the rhythm of the lace and finish it.  That is, if Benedict Cumbercat doesn’t mess up the works.

This was on the floor for 5 seconds, and Benedict was all over it. Could be trouble...

This was on the floor for 5 seconds, and Benedict was all over it. Could be trouble…

"An Orenbury Triangular Warm Shawl to knit" by Galina Khmeleva.  Piecework 2002.  Yarn is Zephyr

“An Orenburg Triangular Warm Shawl to knit” by Galina Khmeleva. Piecework 2002. Yarn is Zephyr









Also, I just have to finish the Duxbury Point Pullover.  This is a project I began before writing “Annetarsia Knits”, and it got shelved as I began knitting Annetarsia non-stop for the next few years.  I pulled it out again when Bill and I went to Scotland last winter.  During that trip I finished the back and got a good start on the front.  But when I got home, I got side-tracked, again.  This time, I am going to finish it!  The yarn is yummy silk/shetland wool fiber and Bill hasn’t had a new sweater in awhile.  And so far, Benny is leaving this one alone…

Duxbury Point Pullover, Simply Shetland 4, at Tomales Bay.

Duxbury Point Pullover, Simply Shetland 4, at Tomales Bay.








I also have some dishtowels on the loom, and am trying to work on them a bit, every day.  I put some music on, and enjoy the rhythm of the shuttles, and the pattern emerge.  I now have several yards of cloth woven.  Hey, I am making fabric!

Over the past several months, I have been working hard on a few projects that are coming to you this week.  First, there is the Annetarsia/A Hundred Ravens KAL for the Astoria Sock, from “Annetarsia Knits”.  Working with the team from AHR has been an honor, and the marriage of this yarn kit and the Astoria sock is made in heaven.  I couldn’t be more pleased.  AHR is discounting the kit 15% from Jan 1-15, and every kit will include the pattern for the sock.  For those who do not have “Annetarsia Knits”, or haven’t learned the ITR technique from me, the pattern will have a code to get the PDF of the full book at a 15% discount. The KAL will begin Feb. 1st, and I am really looking forward to that.  This sock is actually quite fast and simple to knit, so that you can spend time practicing ITR.







Also, I want to remind you that my new Craftsy class, Simply Stunning Colorwork,  debuts this week.  Enter the drawing to win the class for free, by clicking HERE.

Banner 300x250 4892_hero_1200x627I’m looking forward to the New Year, and am very grateful to have students/friends/colleagues who are supportive and make all of the work be fun!



  1. Bobbie

    Both UFO’s are lovely, looking forward to seeing them finished… I like your determination….I may have to follow suit… Problem is you designers keep creating irresistible projects to begin :)

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